Ninth Edition Core Game

Posted in Arcana on February 23, 2005

By Wizards of the Coast

Last week we teased you with some packaging art of Ninth Edition boosters. This week we bring you a look at the packaging of the Ninth Edition Core Game box. Here's what you get with that Core Game product, intended for new players.

The Core Game contains everything you need to learn how to play Magic! It contains:

  • two 33-card decks,
  • a 14-card pack with more advanced cards for expanded game play,
  • a collectible premium card,
  • two play guides to take you and your opponent through the game step by step,
  • an easy-to-read rulebook for complete rules reference,
  • two playmats with scorekeeping counters,
  • a CD-ROM featuring exciting games that cover the key aspects of Magic play, plus the Magic Online program,
  • and a credit for online versions of the cards included in the game.

And, because we like ya, here's one more booster image we didn't show you last week. It appears to feature the same art as the Core Game box above -- some sort of winged woman with a sword. Huh.

Next week: More juicy Ninth Edition stuff.

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