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Posted in Arcana on July 15, 2002

By Wizards of the Coast

While a large percentage of cards in Alpha remained unchanged from how they were playtested, a few tweaks were made and a few cards were removed. Below are three cards that Richard Garfield created that didn't make the cut and never saw the light of day.

Dwarves was kind of like a red Bog Rats, and was replaced by Dwarven Warriors, a creature proficient in making others unblockable as opposed to itself. Superhero was deemed way out of flavor for white, even then, and was more than likely morphed into Northern Paladin. And Ecoshift was a wacky card that randomly redistributed all the lands in play, but the switch was permanent, meaning you got to walk away with whatever lands ended up on your half when the game ended. Richard killed this card because it encouraged "hustling" by allowing you to pack your deck full of basic lands, swap them for more valuable lands, and then walk off with them.

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