Opening the Foil Booster

Posted in Arcana on January 14, 2010

By Wizards of the Coast

The all-foil Shards of Alara block booster packs went on sale last Friday (for only $11.99), and we thought it would be a good use of our time to show you exactly what's inside one.

Wait. That's what's outside one. When you open this up, you get this:

For fans of Raymond Swanland and booster packaging, here's a close-up.

Okay. This is an actual, unretouched booster, Let's crack it open and see what we get!

Okay. We got a rules tip card (not foil), a basic land, one rare, three uncommons, and ten commons. The rare is Sovereigns of Lost Alara, although that Bloodbraid Elf makes the uncommons more interesting. There are eight cards from Shards of Alara (counting the Forest), three from Conflux, and four from Alara Reborn. That's just what's in this pack; contents of packs may vary.

If you can't make them out, the complete contents of this particular booster are: a non-foil Rules Tip card (so that's how Domain works!), Swamp, Sovereigns of Lost Alara, Ancient Ziggurat, Rhox Charger, Bloodbraid Elf, Rhox Brute, Sanctum Plowbeast, Exploding Borders, Drag Down, Gustrider Exuberant, Dregscape Zombie, Jhessian Lookout, Sanctum Gargoyle, Savage Hunger, and Grixis Panorama. And as a side note, you can just mouse over those card names to see the card image.

Now for the important question: if this were an all-foil draft, what would we pick? Well, we love Esper, so we're kind of leaning toward the Sanctum Gargoyle and trying for an Esper deck. A shiny Esper deck. But it might make more sense to grab the Rhox Charger. Or the Bloodbraid Elf. What's your pick?

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