The Original Auriok

Posted in Arcana on January 12, 2011

By Monty Ashley

Let's talk Auriok for a second. When you think of Auriok, do you envision this?

Auriok Edgewright

Or do you picture this?

Auriok Bladewarden

The Auriok have been on Mirrodin since the days of Mirrodin. But the concept goes back before the set itself. Here's how the style guide describes them:

Auriok (White-Aligned Humans)

The Auriok are the humans of the Razor Fields, a resourceful, persistent, and resilient tribe. Auriok skin is naturally deep bronze, flecked with glimmering, deep golden and silvery metal and reinforced with gold panels and jagged plates. Their white hair bleaches to help reflect the almost permanent sunlight that falls across the Razor Fields.

Resourceful weaponmasters. The Auriok are acclaimed swordsmiths and armorsmiths; their scavenging and resourcefulness, combined with their need to fight off the dangers of the Razor Fields, have contributed to their skill in metalworking. Auriok outposts are deceptively ramshackle; although architecture is not their strongest suit, the Auriok defend their settlements with powerful magic and melee.

The style guide also contains concept art as a visual reference for artists. So this is effectively the original look of the Auriok, before they ever got put on cards!

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