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Posted in Arcana on June 22, 2015

By Blake Rasmussen

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In truth, previews have sort of been rolling in for a bit now—especially with all of the excitement over E3 and Magic Duels: Origins last week. In fact, you might have already seen the face cards for the Intro Packs all over the internet.

So with today’s packaging reveal, we’re not going to hold back. Well, we’re going to hold back a little bit. But just a little.


Magic Origins is all about the origins of five iconic Planeswalkers, so naturally our five different booster packs show images of each of the Planeswalkers, with their older selves looking over their younger selves.

And they’ll come in a display that looks a little something like this:

Intro Packs

We revealed the face cards to the Intro Packs at E3 last week, but did you know that each of the legendary creatures headlining the Intro Packs plays a strong role in the lives of our planeswalking quintet? If you’ve been reading Uncharted Realms and the origin stories the last few weeks, many of these names should look familiar.

Clash Pack

Ok, here’s the part where we hold back a little bit. We aren’t quite ready to show you the face cards in the Clash Pack juuuuust yet, but we will be showing them off on Wednesday. Then we’ll have the full list of cards in the Clash Pack after previews are complete. But, hey, pretty packaging!

Fat Pack and Deck Builder’s Toolkit

We also have Fat Packs coming with Magic Origins as well. There are five different sleeves, each with the soon-to-be iconic art also seen on the booster packs. Here’s one example.

Finally, we’ll also be releasing the Deck Builder’s Toolkit with Origins. It’ll look something like this:

And all together, all of the things look a bit like this:

You can pick up all of these when Magic Origins releases July 17!

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