Posted in Arcana on May 6, 2010

By Monty Ashley

Hey! Let's talk Ornithopters! They've been around almost as long as Magic, having appeared originally in Antiquities, when Amy Weber provided this basic blueprint.

Ornithopter | Art by Amy Weber

That remained the standard look for Ornithopters from Fourth Edition through Classic Sixth Edition. Then Magic had to live without Ornithopters until Mirrodin brought Dana Knutson's version to life.

Ornithopter | Art by Dana Knutson

With Ninth Edition, Dana Knutson's Ornithopter was in the core set, staying there through Tenth Edition. And then Magic 2010 brought the most recent look. Franz Vohwinkel, take it away!

Ornithopter | Art by Franz Vohwinkel

Who knows what Ornithopters the future of Magic might hold?

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