Ouphe Affection

Posted in Arcana on August 11, 2010

By Tom Jenkot

Just look at him.

Gilder Bairn | Art by Nils Hamm

So cute. I'd gladly adopt that little guy. Maybe trade him for my dog.

He's wearing a frog-suit and ... is that a tail? Did he just place a glowing mushroom on a turtle? Simply adorable.

Gilder Bairn

Gilder Bairn appears in many casual decks, because of the unique counter-doubling ability. Double your planeswalker loyalty counters? No problem. Give all your elves a bump by doubling Joraga Warcaller's +1/+1 counters? Sure. Don't have enough red mana to get Kargan Dragonlord to level 8 fast enough? Gilder Bairn to the rescue! Doubling not your thing? Why not triple your counters with Doubling Season also in play?

I'm not the only one with a soft spot for this delightful ouphe; Noel deCordova is tickled by Gilder Bairn and has featured the card in his From the Lab column repeatedly—as often as he can, I suspect. Similarly smitten, I sneak him into article images I design as frequently as possible, perhaps in some instances you may have overlooked.

Here we see our forest-decorating friend gazing at an Braid of Fire.

From the Lab | Golden Rules

Looking on as a scholar finds some Magic cards in a forest with the help of his hook-flashlight.

From the Lab | Feed Forward

Held suspended in time, erupting with trample-laden red mana, and sharing the spotlight with a powerful shapeshifter.

From the Lab | Golden Rules

Collaborator in the land-destroying fury of a legendary Kamigawa spirit.

From the Lab | Golden Rules

Peering at a lovely, winged, mana-producing elven babe.

From the Lab | Golden Rules

Taking a swim with a wizard-loving merfolk and an attractive siren.

From the Lab | 2010: A Magic Odyssey

Wielding the power of ultimate knowledge.

From the Lab | Feed Forward

Helping you achieve excess in your quest for Eternity Vessel.

From the Lab | The Fall of Land

Finders, keepers—a Lorwyn boggart collects Gildy’s leave-behinds, and Gilder Bairn as elf in a green-white wheel of perpetual goodness.

From the Lab | Feed Forward

Part of the Selesnya army and riding a charging elephant.

Serious Fun | You Are Not Prepared!

Last, as drumstick, bola-throwing enthusiast, and arrow.

From the Lab | 28 Days Later

To be continued...

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