Overlooked cycle

Posted in Arcana on July 8, 2002

By Wizards of the Coast

In Fallen Empires, a cycle of artifacts was printed: Balm of Restoration, Conch Horn, Implements of Sacrifice, Aeolipile, and Elven Lyre. Most people never even noticed that these were a cycle. Can you see what their relationships are to one another?

They each sacrifice to emulate two-thirds of the effect of one of the original Alpha "boons". Some were slightly adjusted -- Conch Horn was weakened to be more like Brainstorm than Ancestral Recall, and Implements of Sacrifice provided any color of mana, but the general idea is still there.

Of the five, only Aeolipile saw any serious play; it gave non-red decks a source of direct damage, and it could kill otherwise troublesome creatures like Black Knight.

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