Path of the Planeswalker

Posted in Arcana on January 5, 2010

By Wizards of the Coast

We are pleased to inform you that Path of the Planeswalker, the Magic graphic novel, is available at bookstores today.

In order to help you find it, we should probably show you a picture. And so we shall!

This handsome volume contains all of the web comics that have appeared on (Hey! That's this website!), along with a new story that hasn't appeared anywhere. Here's a preview!

This is a solid, heavy volume. How solid? Well, according to the scale in the Wizards of the Coast mail room, it's only a tenth of a pound lighter than the Alara Reborn fat pack. Here, look at this:

That's a lotta pages! Just under 200, in fact! And it's only $14.95, which is a heck of a bargain. Less than a dime per page! Or, if you find this more convenient, about 67 cents per ounce of book! Every ounce or page is covered in art, which should increase the value somehow. So don't forget to factor that into your calculations.

Our point is this: Path of the Planeswalker goes on sale today. Yeah!

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