Path of Vengeance #3

Posted in Arcana on February 21, 2013

By Monty Ashley

The latest issue of the Magic: The Gathering comic book came out yesterday! It's the third issue of the "Path of Vengeance" story. And here's more information about it!

Dack Fayden has finally uncovered Sifa Grent’s plan for Ravnica… and it could bring unbelievable devastation to the city-plane! Now, Dack must make his way through Ravnica, with Rakdos cultists and city guards hot on his trail, in the hope that he can stop Sifa before it’s too late!

Written by Matt Forbeck
Art by Martin Coccolo & Chris Evenhuis
Cover by Chris Rahn

And when you purchase "Path of Vengeance" #3, you'll get a special Magic card with exclusive art and flavor text. This issue comes with Ogre Arsonist, originally printed in Portal Second Age back in June 1998.

Still not convinced you need "Path of Vengeance" #3? Well, there's a handy online preview so you can see what's inside!

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