The PAX Party

Posted in Arcana on December 31, 2010

By Monty Ashley

We're taking a two-week holiday break and will be back with new stuff on Monday, January 3, 2011. Until then, please enjoy our favorite Arcanas of 2010. This article originally ran September 8, 2010.

Did you miss PAX this weekend? Then it seems likely that you also missed the PAX Party. Luckily for you, we took pictures!

(To be specific, Mike Chard took pictures, but he was working for us when he did it.)

The party took place at the Showbox at the Market, Seattle's legendary music venue. The Showbox has hosted shows since 1939, including such legends as Duke Ellington, The Ramones, Gypsy Rose Lee, Iggy Pop, and Devo. On a personal note, I've seen Negativland, the Residents, and Cinematic Titanic Live at the Showbox.

The party featured the five suns of Mirrodin illuminating the partygoers as they tried to solve an elaborate scavenger hunt (which will be in tomorrow's Arcana). Over the night, the dominant sun changed from White to Blue, then to the other colors. This changed the color of the lights, which revealed new information for the hunt.

The goal of the scavenger hunt was eventually to charge up and fire the Lux Cannon, which ... you'll find out about somewhere else. Firing the Lux Cannon allowed access to a Mox Opal.

Not that kind.

That kind. Here's a closer look.

And in case a one-of-a-kind replica Mox Opal wasn't enough, it came with a little bonus.

There's a thousand dollars in there. In cash.

The party MC was Director of Magic R&D Aaron Forsythe, who gave people their challenges from atop the stage.

And as soon as Aaron stopped talking, everyone swarmed up to the giant cards to work out the puzzles.

Of course, this was still a party, and some people were here to dance, not puzzle.

Dance, I said!


As the party moved through phases based on the five different suns, it was revealed that Mirrodin is being invaded by the Phyrexians. Everyone picked a side, and then the two factions chose five champions (via the traditional method of solving puzzles and texting their answers). After a head-to-head challenge, the Phyrexians won. Finally, it was time to solve one final puzzle and fire the Lux Cannon.

Daniel Duterte, who had been on the Mirran side but treasonously switched for the lure of shiny prizes, was the one who fired the cannon and won the prize.

After that, the party was just a party. The giant cards got handed out to the champions of both sides, and the remaining swag went out into the audience.

Well, that's what happens when you have swag to give away.

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