A Peek at Playtest Names

Posted in Arcana on October 1, 2015

By Michael Yichao

Yichao is a writer of words for plays, television, theme parks, and—most recently—Magic: The Gathering. He loves Cube Draft and corgis.

In case you didn't know, when a set is in design, most cards have temporary playtest names that designers assign. These names rarely make it through the design process intact—and some playtest names are exceptionally silly on purpose!

Check out these playtest names for some Battle for Zendikar cards. Can you guess what cards they eventually turned into? (Hint: Some are basically impossible. All are fairly hilarious.) The answers are below the art.

  1. Walking on the Ceiling
  2. Indiana, Kor Explorer
  3. Team High Five
  4. Library Turtle
  5. Inefficient Massacre
  6. Gathering of Allies
  7. Eldrazi Historian
  8. Syncodrazi
  9. Aggressive Gladeheart
  10. Apple Tree
  11. Odd Todd

Rising Miasma | Art by Deruchenko Alexander


  1. Clutch of Currents
  2. Hero of Goma Fada
  3. Inspired Charge
  4. Mist Intruder
  5. Rising Miasma
  6. Unified Front
  7. Ulamog's Reclaimer
  8. Spell Shrivel
  9. Snapping Gnarlid
  10. Jaddi Offshoot
  11. Void Winnower


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