Planar Chaos Charms

Posted in Arcana on February 6, 2007

By Wizards of the Coast

The cycle of Planar Chaos charms represent fragments of pure colored energy—refracted through the slightly twisted lens of Planar Chaos. Take a look at John Avon’s art of each charm (presented here in classic “WUBRG” order) as you contemplate each spell’s abilities. Which abilities seem in-flavor to you? Which make sense in the light of Planar Chaos’s expanded definitions of the “color pie”? How do the illustrations evoke the flavor of each color?

Dawn Charm

Dawn Charm art by John Avon

The design of Dawn Charm evokes the feel of an achievement medal. The charm encases raw white spell magic, and seems to hang in the air, radiating a holy glow.

Piracy Charm

Piracy Charm art by John Avon

Piracy Charm is sleek, burnished metal swirling with mists of blue energy. The blue material under it evokes the cloth of a formal wizard’s gown.

Midnight Charm

Midnight Charm art by John Avon

Part of a bone necklace, Midnight Charm is held here by the withered hands of a necromancer or other black-aligned mage. Note that he's missing part of a thumb, no doubt a symptom of past deals with sinister forces.

Fury Charm

Fury Charm art by John Avon

Fury Charm depicts dynamic red magic inside a heavy, worn-metal bauble, resting inside weather-beaten hands. It evokes the feel of a worldly shaman keeping his trusty wild magics close at hand.

Evolution Charm

Evolution Charm art by John Avon

Gentle hands cradle Evolution Charm. Note the use of natural materials in this charm—feathers, leaves, and bone.

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