Planar Chaos Token Art 1

Posted in Arcana on March 15, 2007

By Wizards of the Coast

When new cards create creature tokens, unique art is commissioned for the tokens’ representations in Magic Online. Planar Chaos adds five new pieces of art for those digital tokens. Today we look at three of them.

Ape token

Pongify is a transformation spell that turns a creature into a 3/3 Ape. Here’s the ape you’ll see when you cast Pongify on Magic Online.

Ape token art by Lars Grant-West

Cat Warrior token

Jedit Ojanen of Efavra, Planar Chaos’s alternate-history legend, never decided to leave his tribe of cat warriors like the original Jedit Ojanen did. Here’s the art of the loyal, forestwalking tokens his card creates.

Cat Warrior token art by Michael Sutfin

Insect token

The larval stage of a Deadly Insect, Planar Chaos’s Deadly Grub creates a monstrous 6/1 Insect creature token after it vanishes. Here’s the art of that scary grown-up token.

Insect token art by E.M. Gist

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