Posted in Arcana on February 20, 2002

By Wizards of the Coast

If you've ever seen an older (Unlimited or before) version of the dual-land Plateau, you probably noticed that the art used in those editions was different than that on the more plentiful Revised version.

The swap was not intentional. Between the printing of Unlimited and Revised, the computer file of the Drew Tucker art became corrupted and the original painting was lost, leaving the production team with no reasonable way to create a high-quality image. Luckily, art for dual-lands had been commissioned for the then-upcoming Ice Age set.

R&D eventually determined that dual-lands were too powerful to put into Ice Age, meaning the art wouldn't be needed for that set. So the Cornelius Brudi Plateau painting was then used as a stand-in for the original in the base set, and was actually misattributed to the original artist, Drew Tucker.

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