Populating the Twister

Posted in Arcana on March 20, 2006

By Wizards of the Coast

Boon to booster-cracking Limited players everywhere, the Mirage reprint Savage Twister has found a new home in Guildpact aligned with the Gruul guild. The card got new art for its Guildpact printing to reflect the Ravnica setting, starting with this initial sketch by Luca Zontini:

Savage Twister sketch by Luca Zontini
Savage Twister sketch by Luca Zontini

We definitely have a wrecking-ball of a twister here, savagely destroying a Ravnica district. But this spell kills creatures, not lands -- so Luca was asked to add in some people getting menaced by the twister.

Savage Twister sketch by Luca Zontini
Savage Twister sketch by Luca Zontini

Here's a second look. Oh, how easy it is for a citizen of Ravnica to get into mortal danger -- all it takes is for someone on the creative team to say, "Needs more people." Actually, even after this sketch, the number of people wasn't considered to be enough. Remember that, in gameplay, this spell routinely wipes the board clean, or leaves behind only the beefiest and sturdiest of beasts.

Let's take a look at the final art.

Savage Twister final art by Luca Zontini
Savage Twister final art by Luca Zontini

Now that is a savage twister. Run, little Ravnican citizens, run!

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