Portal instants

Posted in Arcana on April 15, 2004

By Wizards of the Coast

Magic's starter-level "Portal" sets -- Portal, Portal Second Age, and Portal Three Kingdoms -- were designed to expose new players to the fun of Magic without requiring them to learn too much complexity. The distinction between instants and sorceries was kept out; all non-creature spells in those sets were made card type "Sorcery."

However, these sets had "sorceries" that could be played during combat, or during other players' turns: see Assassins Blade or Mystic Denial. In regular Magic play, these would of course be called instants.

Well, now they are.

In February of 2004, Wizards released Oracle wordings of the Portal and Starter sets (see the DCI's Oracle page for complete collections of these wordings). Many of these cards became card type "Instant" in the new wordings, so now Portal has instants after all. Here's a list of all the Portal sorceries that became instants according to their Oracle text.


Portal Second Age

Portal Three Kingdoms

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