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Posted in Arcana on April 28, 2009

By Wizards of the Coast

The Alara Reborn Prerelease was fun, right? Kelly Digges seems to have enjoyed it. And judging by this smattering of responses to @dailymtg, some of you did as well!

Here's how it started:

(Kelly) Had a great time at the Prerelease. Any of you have good stories from the weekend?

And here are some of our favorite 140-character stories:

thetwixt @dailymtg One of my favorite prereleases. Very fun set, esp Cascade. got 3 exalted w/ one spell in my first game.

fotolorea @dailymtg Prerelease story: Kept playing Broodbraid Elf and cascading into either Intimidation Bolt or Flurry of Wings. Not cool. LOL :)

Intimidation Bolt
Flurry of Wings

cursedmortivore @dailymtg I had Spellbound Dragon swinging one turn and discarding Valley Rannet then the next turn discarding Thraximundar for the win.

podunk42 @dailymtg Gloryscale Viashino + 2 Reborn Hope = WIN.

kaokun @dailymtg I also managed to get a Mage Slayer onto a Blitz Hellion :) Nothing like 14 to your opponent's face to put a smile on yours

burgessm @dailymtg Allstar play of the day: Enlisted Wurm, cascading into Demonic Dread to kill a crystallized thoctar, cascading into Terminate

Enlisted Wurm
Demonic Dread

brendensparks @dailymtg I had to run it so didn't get chance to play. But incredible brainstorming, theorycrafting, and deck-naming after the fact.

izezay @dailymtg turn 5 kill with twin claw and 2 pump spells, opp was tapped out

Marisi's Twinclaws
Colossal Might

Dave_Rey @dailymtg Good stories? It wasn't good for me, but in one of my games, my opponent played Deny Reality and hit Meddling Mage off the Cascade

blisterguy @dailymtg i offered my opponent my deck to cut, so he cut to reveal a card at random to see who goes first. i wasn't expecting that

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