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Posted in Arcana on February 19, 2008

By Wizards of the Coast

When Jon Finkel won Pro Tour–Kuala Lumpur last weekend, it marked his first Pro Tour victory since he won the 1999-2000 World Championship in Brussels on August 26, 2000. That 2,732-day drought is the longest in Pro Tour history between consecutive victories for a single person. Jon also holds the record for second-longest wait between PT wins, with 860 days coming between his first win in New York (on April 19, 1998) and his World Championship.

The shortest period of time between two Pro Tour wins is technically 56 days, which is how long it took Kai Budde to follow up 2001-2002 Pro Tour–New York (won by him, Dirk Baberowski, and Marco Blume on September 9, 2001) with a win at Pro Tour–New Orleans on November 4. The shortest time between two individual wins is belongs to Nicolai Herzog, who won 2004 Pro Tour–San Diego on May 16, 2004, just 119 days after winning Pro Tour–Amsterdam on January 18.

Here's the chart of all two-time winners and how long it took to win their second or later:

Player or TeamEvent 1First DateEvent 2Second DateInterval
Nicolai HerzogPro Tour Amsterdam1/18/2004Pro Tour San Diego5/16/2004119
Kai BuddePro Tour Chicago12/3/2000Pro Tour Barcelona5/6/2001154
Kai BuddePro Tour Barcelona5/6/2001Pro Tour New Orleans11/4/2001182
Phoenix Foundation (Kai Budde, Dirk Baberowski, Marco Blume)Pro Tour New York9/9/2001Pro Tour Boston9/29/2002385
Kai BuddePro Tour New Orleans11/4/2001Pro Tour Chicago1/19/2003441
Kai BuddeWorlds Yokohama8/8/1999Pro Tour Chicago12/3/2000483
Tommi HoviPro Tour Paris4/13/1997Pro Tour Rome11/15/1998581
Jon FinkelPro Tour New York4/19/1998Worlds Brussels8/26/2000860
Jon FinkelWorlds Brussels8/26/2000Pro Tour Kuala Lumpur2/18/20082732

You could also include Dirk Baberowski on this list (won Pro Tour–Chicago on September 27, 1998; then won Pro Tour–New York with Phoenix Foundation 1078 days later). Actually, while we're at it, this seems like a good time to just provide a list of all Pro Tour winners. Enjoy!

EventDateWinnerFormatCard sets
Pro Tour–New York2/18/1996Michael LocontoNew York Standard
Pro Tour–Los Angeles5/5/1996Shawn "Hammer" RegnierBooster DraftHomelands-Fourth Edition
Pro Tour–Columbus7/7/1996Olle RadeBlock ConstructedIce Age-Alliances
Worlds– Renton8/18/1996Tom ChanphengBooster Draft, Standard, and Type 1.5 (Legacy)
Pro Tour–Atlanta9/15/1996Frank AdlerSealed DeckMirage
Pro Tour–Dallas11/24/1996Paul McCabeStandard
Pro Tour–Los Angeles3/2/1997Tommi HoviRochester DraftMirage-Mirage-Visions
Pro Tour–Paris4/13/1997Mike LongBlock ConstructedMirage-Visions
Pro Tour–New York6/1/1997Terry BorerBooster DraftFifth Edition-Visions
Worlds– Seattle8/17/1997Jakub SlemrRochester Draft, Standard, ExtendedMirage-Visions-Weatherlight
Pro Tour–Chicago10/12/1997Randy BuehlerExtended
Pro Tour–Mainz12/7/1997Matt PlaceRochester DraftTempest-Tempest-Tempest
Pro Tour–Los Angeles3/8/1998David PriceBlock ConstructedTempest
Pro Tour–New York4/19/1998Jon FinkelBooster DraftTempest-Stronghold
Worlds– Seattle8/16/1998Brian SeldenBooster Draft, Standard, and Block ConstructedTempest-Stronghold-Exodus
Pro Tour–Chicago9/27/1998Dirk BaberowskiRochester DraftUrza's Saga-Urza's Saga-Urza's Saga
Pro Tour–Rome11/15/1998Tommi HoviExtended
Pro Tour–Los Angeles2/28/1999Steven O'Mahoney-SchwartzRochester DraftUrza's Saga-Urza's Saga-Urza's Saga
Pro Tour–New York5/2/1999Casey McCarrelBlock ConstructedUrza's Saga-Urza's Legacy
Worlds– Yokohama8/8/1999Kai BuddeStandard, Rochester Draft, and ExtendedUrza's Saga-Urza's Legacy-Urza's Destiny
Pro Tour–Washington, DC9/5/1999Rob Dougherty, Darwin Kastle, David HumpherysTeam LimitedUrza's Saga-Urza's Legacy-Urza's Destiny
Pro Tour–London10/17/1999Kyle RoseBooster DraftUrza's Saga-Urza's Legacy-Urza's Destiny
Pro Tour–Chicago12/5/1999Bob Maher, Jr.Extended
Pro Tour–Los Angeles2/6/2000Trevor BlackwellBooster DraftMercadian Masques-Mercadian Masques-Mercadian Masques
Pro Tour–New York4/16/2000Sigurd EskelandBlock ConstructedMercadian Masques-Nemesis
Worlds– Brussels8/26/2000Jon FinkelStandard, Booster Draft, Block ConstructedMercadian Masques-Nemesis-Prophecy
Pro Tour–New York10/1/2000Scott Johns, Gary Wise, Mike TurianTeam LimitedMercadian Masques-Nemesis-Prophecy
Pro Tour–Chicago12/3/2000Kai BuddeStandard
Pro Tour–Los Angeles2/4/2001Michael PustilnikRochester DraftInvasion-Invasion-Invasion
Pro Tour–Tokyo3/18/2001Zvi MowshowitzBlock ConstructedInvasion-Planeshift
Pro Tour–Barcelona5/6/2001Kai BuddeBooster DraftInvasion-Planeshift
Worlds– Toronto8/12/2001Tom Van de LogtStandard, Rochester Draft, and ExtendedInvasion-Planeshift-Apocalypse
Pro Tour–New York9/9/2001Kai Budde, Dirk Baberowski, Marco BlumeTeam LimitedInvasion-Planeshift-Apocalypse
Pro Tour–New Orleans11/4/2001Kai BuddeExtended
Pro Tour–San Diego1/13/2002Farid MeraghniRochester DraftOdyssey-Odyssey-Odyssey
Pro Tour–Osaka3/17/2002Ken HoBlock ConstructedOdyssey-Torment
Pro Tour–Nice5/5/2002Eivind NitterBooster DraftOdyssey-Torment
Worlds– Sydney8/18/2002Carlos RomaoStandard, Booster Draft, and Block ConstructedOdyssey-Torment-Judgment
Pro Tour–Boston9/29/2002Kai Budde, Dirk Baberowski, Marco BlumeTeam LimitedOdyssey-Torment-Judgment
Pro Tour–Houston11/10/2002Justin GaryExtended
Pro Tour–Chicago1/19/2003Kai BuddeRochester DraftOnslaught-Onslaught-Onslaught
Pro Tour–Venice3/23/2003Osyp LebedowiczBlock ConstructedOnslaught
Pro Tour–Yokohama5/11/2003Mattias JorstedtBooster DraftOnslaught-Onslaught-Legions
Worlds– Berlin8/10/2003Daniel ZinkStandard, Rochester Draft, and ExtendedOnslaught-Legions-Scourge
Pro Tour–Boston9/14/2003Brock Parker, William Jensen, Matt LindeTeam LimitedOnslaught-Legions-Scourge
Pro Tour–New Orleans11/2/2003Rickard OsterbergExtended
Pro Tour–Amsterdam1/18/2004Nicolai HerzogRochester DraftMirrodin-Mirrodin-Mirrodin
Pro Tour–Kobe2/29/2004Masashiro KurodaBlock ConstructedMirrodin-Darksteel
Pro Tour–San Diego5/16/2004Nicolai HerzogBooster DraftMirrodin-Mirrodin-Darksteel
Pro Tour–Seattle7/11/2004Jeroen Remie, Jelger Wiegersma, Kamiel CornelissenTeam LimitedMirrodin-Darksteel-Fifth Dawn
Worlds– San Francisco9/5/2004Julien NuijtenStandard, Booster Draft, and Block ConstructedMirrodin-Darksteel-Fifth Dawn
Pro Tour–Columbus10/31/2004Pierre CanaliExtended
Pro Tour–Nagoya1/30/2005Shu KomuroRochester DraftChampions of Kamigawa-Champions of Kamigawa-Champions of Kamigawa
Pro Tour–Atlanta3/13/2005Gab Tsang, Daiv Rood, Gabriel NassifTeam LimitedChampions of Kamigawa-Champions of Kamigawa-Betrayers of Kamigawa
Pro Tour–Philadelphia5/8/2005Gadiel SzleiferBlock ConstructedChampions of Kamigawa-Betrayers of Kamigawa
Pro Tour–London7/10/2005Geoffrey SironBooster DraftChampions of Kamigawa-Betrayers of Kamigawa-Saviors of Kamigawa
Pro Tour–Los Angeles10/30/2005Antoine RuelExtended
Worlds– Yokohama12/4/2005Katsuhiro MoriStandard, Booster Draft, and ExtendedRavnica-Ravnica-Ravnica
Pro Tour–Honolulu3/5/2006Mark HerberholzStandard
Pro Tour–Prague5/7/2006Takuya OsawaBooster DraftRavnica-Guildpact-Dissension
Pro Tour–Charleston6/18/2006Tomohiro Kaji, Shota Yasooka, Tomoharu SaitoTeam Block ConstructedRavnica-Guildpact-Dissension
Pro Tour–Kobe10/22/2006Jan-Moritz MerkelBooster DraftTime Spiral-Time Spiral-Time Spiral
Worlds– Paris12/3/2006Makihito MiharaStandard, Booster Draft, and ExtendedTime Spiral-Time Spiral-Time Spiral
Pro Tour–Geneva2/11/2007Mike HronBooster DraftTime Spiral-Time Spiral-Planar Chaos
Pro Tour–Yokohama4/22/2007Guillaume Wafo-TapaBlock ConstructedTime Spiral-Planar Chaos
Pro Tour–San Diego7/1/2007Chris Lachmann and Jacon Van LunenTwo-Headed Giant Booster DraftTime Spiral-Planar Chaos-Future Sight
Pro Tour–Valencia10/14/2007Remi FortierExtended
Worlds– New York12/9/2007Uri PelegStandard, Booster Draft, and LegacyLorwyn-Lorwyn-Lorwyn
Pro Tour–Kuala Lumpur2/18/2008Jon FinkelBooster DraftLorwyn-Lorwyn-Morningtide

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