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Posted in Arcana on August 9, 2006

By Wizards of the Coast

It's important to stop and relish these moments. This will be the first time you see booster packaging for the October 2006 set, Time Spiral. Mark the date. Check the time. Get ready.


Take a breath. Relax. Let it absorb. This is a good day. A good, juicy content day. Life is good.

Now, let's have another.

Settle in. There's still more, but it'll wait for a moment. Pace yourself. Enjoy this sensation. We're having fun here.

Okay, ready for more?


We usually show three of a new set's booster designs, but today we're showing four. But hang on a moment. This is the last one for now. This is the one that will stay with you the rest of your day.

By the way, Time Spiral releases October 6, 2006. Worldwide prerelease events start on September 23. Set previews on begin in four weeks, on September 4, 2006.

And now, enjoy your day.

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