Promos, Packaging, and Promos Some More

Posted in Arcana on July 1, 2014

By Blake Rasmussen

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If you checked out yesterday and made it through the adventure without falling to Garruk's axe or truly intimidating stare, you were probably rewarded with one of these five cards:

Those are the five promo cards that you can receive at a Magic 2015 Prerelease (one per Prerelease experience) held July 12–13. Those five cards also happen to headline our Magic 2015 Intro Packs.

But wait, there's more! So, so much more. Among the amazing packaging you've already seen for Magic 2015 was the Fat Pack. But what we didn't show you was how it looks in three-dimensions, which, as you can see, matters quite a bit.

Cool, right? And a perfect way to end this Arcana...


But it's preview week, so why not throw in some extra previews? You've been so patient so far. You've earned it.

That truly terrifying spell is the Launch Promo, a card you'll pick up for playing in any launch events July 18–20, including Friday Night Magic (on top of any FNM promos you might receive).

Game Day

Then, on August 9–10, we'll celebrate Magic 2015 Game Day, where, just for participating, you can receive this helpful Elf Shaman.

And if you make the Top 8 of that event, you'll receive a copy of blue's newest engineer.

In addition, the winner of Magic 2015 Game Day will receive an exclusive playmat.


Finally, we have this troublemaker promo, which stores will be able to provide a small number of to their customers. The distribution is up to them, so ask your local store if you're interested.

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