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Posted in Arcana on November 4, 2004

By Wizards of the Coast

Perhaps you heard about decks like this at last weekend's Pro Tour Columbus. Your confusion is understandable...

Cephalid Breakfast

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"Okay, it's like Angry Hermit 2, except it uses Cephalid Illusionist."

"It uses a trick from the Life deck to use Nomads en-Kor to target the Illusionist a million times to mill your library."

"It's like a reanimator deck that sets up an enormous, hasty Sutured Ghoul."

-- Actual made-up quotes about Cephalid Breakfast

Daniel Carvajal explains Cephalid Breakfast

No idea what they're talking about? Still wondering how that deck -- or other deranged piles of cards from Pro Tour Columbus -- wins the game? Check out the archived Pro Tour Columbus video coverage for in-person analysis of the field, deck discussion, and match-by-match coverage.

And be sure not to miss this feature article by Brian David-Marshall on how to play some of the crazier combo decks that showed up last weekend!

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