Pulse of the Groffskithur

Posted in Arcana on April 13, 2004

By Wizards of the Coast

Pulse of the Tangle
Pulse of the Tangle creates 3/3 green Beast creature tokens. As it happens, there is only one 3/3 Beast in Mirrodin block: Groffskithur. The creative team took this fact to suggest a way to illustrate the effect of Pulse of the Tangle:

"This spell represents wildlife triumphing even when the odds are against it. Show a badass forest creature, maybe a Groffskithur, looking up through the tangle and seeing no sun overhead."

The green Pulse's artist, Wayne England, took this advice to heart. Here's a blown-up image of Mirrodin's Groffskithur by artist John Matson, so you can see the characteristic look of a Groffskithur:

Groffskithur by John Matson

And here's the art of Pulse of the Tangle. Note the recognizable curving horns, tentacley fingers and headdress, "shoulder chimneys," and the bullet-shaped nose.

Pulse of the Tangle by Wayne England

Sometimes it's nice for a little-played common to end up illustrating a powerful rare.

Art Close-Up Quiz #1 Answers

Here are the answers from yesterday's Art Close-Up Quiz:

Art Close-Up Quiz #1

A: Slagwurm ArmorB: Tangle GolemC: Skyhunter Cub

Congratulations to those of you who guessed them without checking the Arcana thread. Was this set too easy? Look for more difficult ones next week!

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