Ravnica Style Guide: Anthony S. Waters Land Concepts

Posted in Arcana on September 14, 2005

By Wizards of the Coast

In the spirit of this week's feature article by Magic art director Jeremy Cranford, today in Magic Arcana we look at land. In particular we take the opportunity to crack open that dusty Ravnica style guide to focus on concept sketches for Ravnica's urban environments by one Anthony S. Waters.

Anthony has illustrated over 60 pieces of Magic art since Tempest, and has created landscapes such as Yavimaya Coast and Windswept Heath as well as dozens of creatures and other spells from Mortivore to Mistform Ultimus.

Anthony's contribution didn't stop with the Ravnica style guide; he also contributed a cycle of basic land art for Ravnica. You'll see those at the prerelease -- but for now, check out these gorgeous sketches from the style guide.

Plains concept illustration

Mountain concept art

Island concept illustration

Swamp concept illustration

Forest concept illustration

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