Ravnica Style Guide: Golgari

Posted in Arcana on October 27, 2005

By Wizards of the Coast

Zombie plants? Oh yes. In honor of Golgari Week, today we look at some items from the Ravnica style guide, in the Golgari chapter.

The Golgari are the guild of reanimated rot, kudzu-encrusted corpses and mossy mausoleums. It's only fitting that one of the most basic types of Golgari foot soldier is the plant zombie, a zombie of bone and tattered flesh held together with creeping vines, moss and fungus.

Ravnica style guide image
Golgari plant zombies

Elves of a certain mindset are drawn to Guild Golgari -- those who find the usefulness of death compatible with the flourishing of life. Here are some style guide sketches of Golgari elves and some of the creatures they ride.

Ravnica style guide image
Golgari guild elves

Here's a page full of sketches of gear and weaponry of the Golgari elfkind. Note the preponderance of improvised weapons made from dead creatures or scavenged items -- carved bone, hollowed-out shells, petrified wood, the faceplate of some unfortunate bygone wurm.

Ravnica style guide image
Golgari elf gear and weapons

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