Ravnica Style Guide: Selesnya

Posted in Arcana on October 4, 2005

By Wizards of the Coast

Ravnica's green-white guild, the Selesnya Conclave, combines white's passion for order and peace with green's connection to the natural world. This combination gets expressed in the guild's visual identity, as can be seen in the Ravnica style guide (a style guide is a document of text and reference illustrations used to guide artists that work on a Magic set) and in the art of cards from the set.

The glint of hand-forged armor, reflecting white's military themes, can be seen adorning traditionally forest-living creatures such as Centaur Safeguard and Selesnya Sagittars.

Ravnica style guide image

You'll also find the Conclave, led by a Chorus of the Conclave, domesticating what on other planes would be wild, untamable animals. You'll find extensive, metallic barding here as well.

Ravnica style guide image
Conclave Equenaut

The Selesnya even domesticate wurms. Autochthon Wurm! And don't forget the saprolings.

Siege Wurm
Ravnica style guide image

Ravnica style guide image

Wayne Reynolds certainly had his eye on all of these style guide images when he created the awesome art for Overwhelm. How many Selesnya creatures can you find joining this teeming battle-throng?


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