R&D's Secret Talents: Tom LaPille

Posted in Arcana on May 6, 2009

By Wizards of the Coast

Magic R&D attracts people with a wide variety of interests and skills. Today, Magic Arcana takes a look at the hidden skills of Mr. Tom LaPille. Tom, whaddya got?

That's a handsome piece of origami you have there, Tom! If our eyes don't deceive us, it appears to be a stellated icosahedron, cleverly incorporating the five colors of Magic. Clearly, Tom is skilled in the art of folding paper to create pleasing shapes. This skill enlivens the pit and also makes people's desks more colorful. For example, Kelly Digges's desk has this on it:

On the bottom is a Level 1 Menger sponge made from Magic cards, which you might remember from this Arcana. Recently, this sponge was broken apart when Monty was using it for Nerf target practice, so Tom stepped up and folded Kelly a lovely new one. And then Monty fixed the old one and apologized, because that's what you do when you break something.

When Kelly got the origami Menger sponge, he felt it needed a little something extra, so he inserted a paper scorpion (also folded by Tom) into the center:

So be careful picking it up!

The epicenter for viewing examples of Tom's skill is, of course, Tom's desk:

Tom would like to draw our attention to the interlocking cubes he's got on the left of his monitor:

Adding a touch of existentialism to the exercise, D&D miniatures have been added to the top, marching in an endless, M.C. Escher-style circle:

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