Recipe for a Phyrexian Army

Posted in Arcana on August 22, 2006

By Wizards of the Coast

What's it take to bring an army of frozen Phyrexian monsters to life? Here's a fun recipe that follows the Coldsnap storyline. Follow along in your own kitchen at home!

1 leader, insane

First, it takes a megalomaniacal cold-lover who would rather see Phyrexians on the rampage than a springtime stream of thawed glaciers. We recommend Heidar, Rimewind Master here, but feel free to substitute any reality-detached villain for your recipe.

50-100 Phyrexians, frozen

Obviously the next thing you need is the frozen army itself. (We assume here that fresh isn't an option. If you have fresh Phyrexians on hand, then you're probably dead or too crazy to care already.) Struck by fear of the Thaw, Heidar sent investigators out to scour the continent for anything that could help them fight back with force. His scouts discovered the Phyrexians buried in the ice of Ronom Glacier.

2-4 dark incantations, to taste

Awakening the Phyrexians requires a formula of syllables and sacrifices lost to time. Luckily, thanks to a temporary alliance with Haakon, Stromgald Scourge, Heidar's scholars found the incantations needed in the knowledge vaults of Lim-Dul at Tresserhorn.

3-4 elementalists, ice

The next thing you need is power. In story terms, it took Heidar yet another dark alliance to get the elementalism expertise for the job. He allied with Garza Zol, Plague Queen, the powerful vampire head honcho of the plague-wracked city of Krov, to gain access to her Krovikan elementalists. In return Heidar helped Garza Zol crush the alliance between the Balduvians, the Kjeldorans and the Yavimayans in the southeast of Terisiare.

1 battle, desperate

Even after you combine all the aforementioned ingredients, your Phyrexian army might not rise. Don't despair. Just as they realized their efforts to animate the constructs were failing, Heidar and his minions faced a pitched battle with Lovisa Coldeyes and her Balduvian barbarians. Necessity had a kid and named it Invention—and the Rimewind wizards performed some clever spell-rigging in the clutch. It was just the ticket—the Phyrexian army was born. Yours can be too! Good luck!

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