Regional Maros

Posted in Arcana on June 30, 2005

By Wizards of the Coast

Top 8 decklists for the 2005 Regionals tournaments are up; go check them out.

You'll note that the contributions from Saviors of Kamigawa to the Standard scene so far isn't just the flexible Pithing Needle and the occasional Arashi, the Sky Asunder. Alex Etzel ran Shifting Borders in his Monoblue 'Tron deck to meddle with Boseiju, Who Shelters Alls and opposing Urzatrons. Clay Pierce ran Sunder from Within to complement his land destruction strategy, and Arthur Morris qualified for Nationals on Infernal Kirin's contribution to his Monoblack control deck, to name a few.

Perhaps Saviors' scariest impact came in the form of two Maro-style spirit legends:

Adamaro, First to Desire
Kagemaro, First to Suffer

Hand size matters, all right, and in almost opposite ways for these two */* fatties. Simon Cadorette Q'd in Montreal on the back of Kagemaro, First to Suffer's board-clearing addition to his G/B Rock deck, as did Bryan Chu in Burnaby, B.C. with his innovative U/B control deck.

Ross Freeman and Gabriel Wilson, on the other hand, punished their opponents' slow draws with a fast-out-of-the-gate Adamaro, First to Desire, both qualifying in Portland with Red Deck Wins.

Congratulations to all the Standard warriors who competed, placed and qualified at 2005 Regionals!

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