Renegade from the Mountains

Posted in Arcana on July 12, 2005

By Wizards of the Coast

As we've seen during past theme weeks, red is about immediate gain, not about long-term loyalty. Allegiances are for white creatures. Forethought is for blue spells. Sokenzan Renegade, on the other hand, is a red creature through and through.

Sokenzan Renegade

Consistent with the flavor emphasis of the Kamigawa block, Sokenzan Renegade's type line perfectly reflects his fickle but combat-skilled nature:

  • He's an Ogre, obviously -- a traditionally red race.

  • He's also a Samurai, reflecting his bushido ability and his red propensity to smash.

  • Lastly he's a Mercenary, which is pure flavor. Mercenaries work for the highest bidder; and in the Renegade's case, he works for the wisest master (that is, the player with the biggest hand size).

His Mercenary status is interesting: as the only Mercenary in the Kamigawa block, it means he is the only creature in this block that combos with the Masques Block Mercenaries. He can be searched up by Rathi Assassin or Cateran Summons while getting pumped by Nagao, Bound by Honor. He can be revived by Strongarm Thug after entering the Red Zone twice via Godo. A versatile 3/3 for 3 mana -- as long as you pay his fee.

Sokenzan Renegade

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