Return to Battle for Zendikar

Posted in Arcana on October 13, 2015

By Blake Rasmussen

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The first visit to Zendikar was six years ago, way back in 2009 when we were young, Extended was still a format, the power of landfall was unknown, and Brian Kibler was not yet in the Hall of Fame.

All of that changed, however, with the first Pro Tour centered on a set based in Zendikar—in this case, the original itself, Zendikar.

At Pro Tour Austin in 2009, what would now probably be called Pro Tour Zendikar, Brian Kibler returned to Magic and took home the trophy that would eventually help propel him into the Hall of Fame.

The format was Extended (a now-defunct rotating format sitting kind of where Modern now sits), and the power of Zendikar was felt immediately—as enemy color fetch lands transformed the format and Plated Geopede and Steppe Lynx started blitzing players left and right.

So as we visit Zendikar once more, take a trip back to the first battle over Zendikar, and then tune in this weekend on and right here on

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