Return to Ravnica Intro Packs

Posted in Arcana on September 5, 2012

By Monty Ashley

This is what the Return to Ravnica Fat Pack looks like.

Beautiful, isn't it? Nine booster packs, a Spindown life counter, a Player's Guide, a card box, two deck boxes, a pack of forty Return to Ravnica basic lands, and a wrapper that can be unfolded into a mural. Very nice.

And now, let's move on to the Return to Ravnica Intro Packs. These are sixty-card decks designed to introduce new players to the themes and mechanics of the game. And each one comes with two Return to Ravnica booster packs!

Azorius Advance

Some believe the Azorius Senate only prevents things from happening. Prove them wrong with the "Azorius Advance" deck. While the detain ability locks up their defenses, your flying creatures will lay down the law.

Izzet Ingenuity

The mages of the Izzet League run hot and cold— and sometimes both at once. The "Izzet Ingenuity" deck uses that tendency to your advantage. Bide your time, then unleash a blazing flurry of spells to take opponents off guard.

Rakdos Raid

The Cult of Rakdos has a flair for sadistic entertainment. Bring pain to all with the "Rakdos Raid" deck. While your unleashed creatures put the hurt on opponents, use the distraction to play a few well-placed dirty tricks.

Golgari Growth

The Golgari Swarm knows that the circle of life is a vicious one. The "Golgari Growth" deck puts the power of the scavenge ability in your hands, enabling your fallen creatures to strengthen their successors. Waste not, want not.

Selesnya Surge

The Selesnya Conclave relentlessly seeks to grow its ranks—both outward and upward. Use the populate ability to multiply your largest token creatures, then go forth and spread the good word. Grow big or go home!

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