The Return of Thrulls

Posted in Arcana on February 9, 2006

By Wizards of the Coast

Guildpact style guide imageThrulls are born -- or rather, manufactured through magic -- to serve. These sallow-skinned, thick-brained creatures do their jobs with unquestioning loyalty, can't be bought or influenced, and don't complain when treated like scum -- in other words, they're ideal choice for an Orzhov slave race.

Thrulls were originally invented by breeder extraordinaire, Endrek Sahr (who turns up in some flavor text) in the time of Fallen Empires. But except for Seventh Edition's Blood Pet, the thrull creature type hasn't seen print since the days of the Tempest Block. So what's new with our abused little friends?

First of all, their appearance takes on a distinctive Guildpact look. Here are some thrull concept sketches from the Guildpact style guide, by D. Alexander Gregory.

Guildpact style guide images
Guildpact style guide concept sketches by D. Alexander Gregory

Many of the Orzhov-created thrulls have that burnished facemask -- as horrid as their forms are, they always put that weird, dispassionate face forward. Note how the masks even sort of squish into their flesh. Creepy.

And as you can see, thrull forms are very flexible -- their magically-fabricated flesh can be poured into just about any mold their creator desires, as the job requires.

Here are a trio of thrulls dousing an unfortunate victim in some gunk in the art of Douse in Gloom:

Art by Kev Walker
Douse in Gloom art by Kev Walker

Here's a creepy little thrull footman sneering from behind the throne of Orzhov Pontiff, as some (again) unfortunate victim gets dragged off. The draggers might be beefier thrulls as well. "Take him away!"

Art by Adam Rex
Orzhov Pontiff art by Adam Rex

And we'd be remiss if we didn't show off the hands -- or grisly, iron-draped finger-trees -- sported by Ostiary Thrull. He might win the award for "creepiest way to tap target creature."

Art by Ron Spencer
Ostiary Thrull art by Ron Spencer

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