Revisionist history

Posted in Arcana on March 22, 2002

By Wizards of the Coast

Even when flavor text is carried over from edition to edition, it gets scrutinized by the continuity and editing departments. Sometimes rules for capitalizing certain words are revised, or the way a quote is attributed is changed.

But sometimes the quote gets tinkered with slightly just to make it clearer or "flow" better, or to use up space that magically appears when rules text gets consolidated. Hurkyl's Recall went through a few of these oh-so-minor tweaks.

The phrase "like many" was added between the Antiquities and Revised versions, in an attempt to give the character Hurkyl more weight. In Fourth Edition, the text changed again; the phrase "and former student" was inserted to clarify the relationship between the two mages.

"The universe is not rough-hewn, but perfect in its details." --Henry David Thoreau

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