Rise of the Eldrazi Intro Packs

Posted in Arcana on March 9, 2010

By Wizards of the Coast

Rise of the Eldrazi previews start in just a few weeks. So before the preview season begins in earnest on March 29, we should probably get to showing off some of the action. Like the intro packs.

Hit it!

Those look nice. But they're kind of small. Let's zoom in, shall we?

(Yes. We shall. Oh, how we shall!)

This one is "Levelers' Glory," and it's white-blue. The name of the rare is about half-visible, and we'd feel like jerks if we didn't tell you what it was. Of course, we feel like jerks a lot of the time anyway. But here: it's Student of Warfare. You're welcome.

Hmm. The blue-black pack is called "Levelers' Scorn." We're pretty sure we've heard of "levelers" before. It might have been in the name of the previous pack. IMPORTANT NOTE: This image has been corrected. The foil card in Levelers' Scorn is Sphinx of Magosi, not Surrakar Spellblade. Surrakar Spellblade does not appear in this deck.

Look out! Invading Spawn! Black-red! Grar! And the mysterious Drana, Kalastria Bloodchief dares us to enter the pack. But we can't, because we have two more intro packs to get through.

Ah! Well, what could be more appropriate for Rise of the Eldrazi than an intro pack called "Eldrazi Arisen"? Nothing, that's what! And it's got a Conquering Manticore, whatever that is!

We close out our tour of the Rise of the Eldrazi intro packs with Totem Power and the Gigantomancer. We've also run out of mildly interesting (but thoroughly uninformative) things to say about these images, so we'll just point out that each of the Rise of the Eldrazi intro packs is two-color, and each of the visible rares is a different color. Symmetrical!

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