Same Place, Different Side

Posted in Arcana on February 16, 2012

By Monty Ashley

When Innistrad introduced double-faced cards to Magic, we did an arcana that showed how some of the cards showed exactly the same location on each side. Dark Ascension doesn't have as many precse images like that, but it does have Huntmaster of the Fells, who moonlights (ha!) as a Ravager.

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Another example is Mondronen Shaman and Tovolar's Magehunter. When these pieces of art were shown in a previous arcana, they were separated and you weren't looking at the background. This time, watch the church in the background. It's a whole new experience!

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On Soul Seizer and Ghastly Haunting, Lucas Graciano uses a changed version of the same location. The candles have been extinguished and the frame is slightly tilted to heighten the feeling of an unsettling scene.

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