Shadowmoor Lexicon: Wisps

Posted in Arcana on April 23, 2008

By Wizards of the Coast

Greetings! Are you having trouble telling your Aphotic Wisps from your Niveous Wisps? That's a problem many people struggle with every day in this world of ours.

But struggle no more, for this special edition of the Lexicon is here to help you look behind the adjectives to see their hidden meanings. You will never again suffer the shame and humiliation of saying "Cerulean Wisps" when you really meant "Viridescent Wisps."

Let's start with the easy one:

Crimson Wisps


  1. A deep to vivid purplish red to vivid red.
  2. This color: Crimson!

That's fairly straightforward. "Crimson" is a shade of red, and the Crimson Wisps card is also red. Easy to remember. Let's move on to Stage 2.

Cerulean Wisps


  1. Azure; sky-blue.
  2. This color: Cerulean!

Simple. "Cerulean" isn't as common a word as "Crimson", but the rule still holds: the color is blue and so is Cerulean Wisps. Next!

Viridescent Wisps


  1. Green or slightly green.

This time, we couldn't find anyone claiming to have an exact color match for "viridescent". But it still means "green", and that's what Viridescent Wisps is. Who's up next?

Aphotic Wisps


  1. Having no light.
  2. Of or relating to the region of a body of water that is not reached by sunlight and in which photosynthesis is unable to occur.

The root of "Aphotic" is "photic", meaning "having light". It's related to the word "photon". A-photic, then, means "not having light". In other words, "black". Hence, the blackness of Aphotic Wisps. One more to go!

Niveous Wisps


  1. of or relating to snow, relating to snow (as in whiteness): snowy

Finally, "Niveous". It means, more or less, "snow-covered". in other words, "white". And that's what Niveous Wisps is. Simple!

Now go forth and employ your wisp-related knowledge!


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