Sketches: Brave the Elements

Posted in Arcana on October 29, 2009

By Wizards of the Coast

We've got a special edition of Sketches today! Normally, an artist provides one sketch, with maybe a second option. For Brave the Elements, Goran Josic handed in six options. Check it!

The art description sent to Goran was:

Color: White spell
Location: A jagged ice chasm
Action: This spell keeps travelers safe from the elements. Show two kor explorers (one male, one female) who are braving the icy wilderness. They're using a system of ropes and hooks to traverse the gap of a chasm. Snow swirls around them, but a swirl of golden light orbits around them, keeping the snow at bay.
Focus: The protected travelers
Mood: It's hard going, but they're going to make it thanks to a little magic.

And here's what the creative team got back!

The team liked all of the options and ended up telling Goran to go ahead with whichever one he wanted. He chose number 6 and dazzled everyone with the final.

And here's how the card looks in Zendikar packs.

Brave the Elements

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