Sketches: Court Homunculus

Posted in Arcana on March 17, 2009

By Wizards of the Coast

We here at Magic Arcana love homunculuses. Homunculi. You know the ones we mean. We looked at them back in October. And we especially love the Court Homunculus, especially once we got a close look at the art. So we're going to share that love with you in a special Homunculus edition of Sketches!

Artist Portfolio

Artist Matt Cavotta has been around. You know him, you love him.

Art Description

The first step of the creation of a card's art is its art description. The art description tells the artist what the card will do, what its flavor is, and what the mood of the illustration should be. Here were the instructions given to Matt for Court Homunculus:

Color: White creature
Location: Esper location of your choice
Action: Every powerful mage on Esper has a "retinue" of servants and magically-created beings called "homunculi" who follow along behind. Show two of these homunculi (see pg. 25 of style guide) who are on guard duty for their master. They're a little bit cute and a little bit creepy, like dolls come to life.
Focus: The homunculi
Mood: Watchful, alien, a little regal in their own way
Notes: Make sure they have some etherium filigree like all beings on Esper.


Here's the initial sketch that Matt submitted:

Court Homunculus initial sketch by Matt Cavotta

This sketch explains one of the mysteries of the Court Homunculus: why are they so tall? The last time we saw them, with the Puppet Conjurer, they were tiny. But now they look pretty tall, right?

Puppet Conjurer
Court Homunculus

But take a close look at the sketch: the homunculus is actually squatting on a little pedestal!

You might also wonder why the earlier version seem a little slimmer. The answer apparently is that the court version of the homunculus get a little fatter because they spend all their time squatting on pedestals instead of following their creators around. It's true!

And now here's the final version of the art for our homunculus-lovin' pleasure. And yours too, of couse.

Final Art

Court Homunculus final art by Matt Cavotta

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