Sketches: Harabaz Druid

Posted in Arcana on March 3, 2010

By Wizards of the Coast

Sometimes, when we're rummaging around for Arcana ideas, we run across Multiverse comments that stop us in our tracks. Like this:

jh: nice
DB: So good.

That's Jenna Helland and Doug Beyer reacting to Wayne Reynolds's initial sketch for Harabaz Druid.

Before we show you the sketch, let's walk through the steps.

The Artist

Wayne Reynolds has illustrated 72 Magic cards, including fan favorites Ajani Vengeant, Xathrid Demon, and Silence.

The Art Description

The art description is a capsule description of the concept for the card and what the creative team would like the artist to provide. Here's what was sent to Wayne for Harabaz Druid.

Color: Green creature

Location: Dense, thorny forest

Action: This is a female human adventurer, a traveling druid who is trained in summoning and controlling mana. Show her opening a worn leather pouch or other container, out of which floats a small magical orb made of golden energy. She carries mana around with her the way that other travelers might carry food or water. Her gear, including her magical container, looks rough and worn, having seen much use in the harsh wilderness.

Focus: The traveling mana-druid

Mood: She's handy to have along on the expedition.

The Sketch

The artist then does a sketch of what they're planning on and sends it over to the creative team, who make comments. Comments like "so good", in this case. Because what they got was this!

The Final Art

The creative team was very happy with the sketch and gave Wayne the go-ahead. Here's the final version.

The Card

And here's what Harabaz Druid looks like when it comes out of a Worldwake pack!

Harabaz Druid

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