Sketches: Ith, High Arcanist

Posted in Arcana on November 15, 2006

By Wizards of the Coast

Ith, High Arcanist
The archmage Lord Ith, famous for his Maze of Ith and Wand of Ith cards and his exploits throughout the Ice Age storyline, finds himself embodied as a legend in Time Spiral. Today we take a look at the sketches that led to the final art by artist team Zoltan Boros and Gabor Szikszai.

Click the thumbnails below to see this humble initial sketch gradually change into the powerful archmage.

Sketch 1

Here's Ith emerging from a blue curtain of energy, representing both his travels across time and the card's suspend mechanic. He looks somewhat intense here, but doesn't have the gravitas of a powerful archmage yet.

Sketch 2

Next up is a another sketch, this time with deeper shadow and drama. The hooded cloak is giving him a rogue or monk vibe, and he looks too young to express the experience and wisdom of the character.

Sketch 3

The third sketch nails the sense of the character much better. Here we get the feel of a man who wields magic as his primary weapon, and yet has the steady, measured mind of a true master. He steps into modern-day Dominaria ready to ensnare any rash attackers.

Final Art

The final art cranks up the color and detail. Here Ith wields a mage's staff and is dressed in extremely detailed armor and headdress. The time barrier casts him in a purplish glow, which deepens the creases in his serious expression. Lord Ith is complete!

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