Sketches: Mirrorweave

Posted in Arcana on April 22, 2008

By Wizards of the Coast

One of the cards in Shadowmoor takes one creature and makes all other creatures copies of it. And as the art for Mirrorweave shows, that can have some odd consequences in their everyday lives.

1. Art Description

Here's what Jim Pavelec was given to work with:

Location: Kithkin walled town
Action: Show a kithkin town square with many kithkin going about their business -- walking, selling goods, doing chores, standing guard, etc. There's a catch, though: All the kithkin are exactly the same. It's like a town populated entirely of clones of one kithkin.
Focus: The identical kithkin everywhere.
Mood: Creepy, surreal, like a waking dream

2. Sketches

Jim's first sketch shows the aftermath of a Mirrorweave, with one bearded kithkin populating an entire town:

Mirrorweave Initial Sketch

That's certainly a lot of that one guy. But at this point, it could just be some kithkin that all happen to have beards and similar cloaks. So Jim pushed it a bit:

Mirrorweave Second Sketch

Aha! Now there's a kithkin with a stroller. Not to indulge in stereotypes, but it seems like there's a pretty good chance that that's a mother with a beard. And although we can't see into the stroller, there's a pretty good chance that the tiny arm is attached to a baby kithkin . . . with a beard.

3. Final Art

The final version adds some shadows and ominous coloring, as well as making it clear that the kithkin with a stroller is wearing a dress (underneath the cloak that everyone else is also wearing). And the baby is still there and probably still bearded.

Mirrorweave Final Art

4. Card

Here is the card as you can see it in booster packs.


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