Sketches: Sensation Gorger

Posted in Arcana on March 27, 2008

By Wizards of the Coast

According to the Lorwyn Style Guide, boggarts "constantly seek out new tastes, smells, sights, and sounds—anything that holds their attention for more than a few seconds." One shaman takes this to an even greater extreme: the Sensation Gorger, which tries for total sensory overload as a means to, um, we're not sure. Maybe it's just fun.

1. Art Description

The artist chosen for the gorger was Matt Cavotta. Here's the art description he received::

Show a boggart shaman whose senses and sanity have overloaded from too much sensation. Show this how you see fit. One idea might be to show a boggart with eyes rolled back and tongue lolling, with hedgehogs and skunks tied all over his body, or arranged in a circle around him. Perhaps the environment looks warped around him.
Mood: Delirious, overloaded with sensation

2. Sketches

Matt's first pass ran with the hedgehog idea:

Sensation Gorger Initial Sketch

This version certainly suggests that the shaman is gorging on pain! However, the creature isn't actually supposed to be blind and deaf. If anything, the eyes and ears should be opened even more! So Matt took another shot at it:

Sensation Gorger Second Sketch

There we go! The widened eyes and ear trumpets show that this is someone interested in all sensations, as much as possible, all at once!

3. Final Art

The final version brought home everything that the sketch promised, in all its technicolor glory. That's one dedicated shaman!

Sensation Gorger Final Art

4. Card

Here is the card as you can see it in booster packs.

Sensation Gorger

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