Sketches: Terastodon

Posted in Arcana on February 17, 2010

By Wizards of the Coast

Consider the mighty Terastodon. Here's the art description that was sent to Lars Grant-West.

Location: Forest clearing, or towering over some treetops
Action: This is a mega-huge, fantasy pachyderm -- the lord of all the hugest mammals. Show it as a sort of cross between a rhino and an elephant -- tusks, nose horn(s), plates of armor, and thick round feet -- charging aggressively or rearing back over the treetops. It's definitely a fantasy creature -- perhaps it has six spiraling tusks, or a clawed trunk, or a partially bipedal stance.
Focus: The pachyderm-lord
Mood: Ultimate strength, ferocity, and destructiveness

And here's the sketch Lars turned in. You also get to see what Terastodon was called at that point in the process!

Terastodon | Sketch by Lars Grant-West

The creative team liked the direction and gave the go-ahead. Here's the final version, as seen in packs of Worldwake.

Terastodon | Art by Lars Grant-West


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