Sketches: Timetwister

Posted in Arcana on August 12, 2004

By Wizards of the Coast

Welcome to another edition of Sketches! This week we’ll be taking a look at the work of Mark Tedin.

For the upcoming Type 1 Championship event at Gen Con Indy, Wizards of the Coast commissioned Mark Tedin to do a new version of the art for the Type 1 power card Timetwister. We aren’t planning on reprinting this powerhouse anytime soon. Instead, the idea was to let the artist go back and redo the card from today’s perspective, ten or so years later. The final piece would then be presented as a unique prize for the event’s winner.

For this commission, Tedin wasn’t given any specific direction or description. Here’s the first sketch he did.

Now we get to the part that makes Tedin unique. As he gets to the final stages of his sketch process he always adds a description at the bottom explaining what direction he’s taking the piece. Here’s his final sketch for the new Timetwister art.

Tedin was also featured recently in our Selecting Ninth Edition promotion, which featured a sketch of his for new Zur’s Weirding art. We cropped the original version to remove the description in order to keep the vote fair. Here is the complete sketch, with the trademark Tedin art description.

Finally, here’s a raw scan (not yet color corrected) of how the final version of the new Timetwister art turned out.

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