Sketches: Vicious Shadows

Posted in Arcana on November 17, 2008

By Wizards of the Coast

Let's talk about Vicious Shadows. We'll look at the sketches, but we're going to do this backwards. First, the final card:

Finished Card

Here's the card in its final state, as you can see in booster packs of Shards of Alara.

Vicious Shadows

And here's the final art, writ large across your computer screen:

Final Art

Vicious Shadows final art by Joshua Hagler

To really get into the art, though, we should look at the initial sketch:


Vicious Shadows sketch by Joshua Hagler

Of course, before the sketch comes the Art Description.

Art Description

Color: Red spell
Location: Jund
Action: A panicked human runs through a dim cave carrying a primitive torch -- on the walls of the cave, shadows of clawing viashino attackers reach toward him, even though the viashino themselves are nowhere to be seen.
Focus: the human running from the ferocious shadows on the cave walls
Mood: Nightmarish panic

Okay! Now, lets go back to the final art and look for those ferocious shadows that are reaching for her:

Oh! There it is! That shadow does look reasonably vicious!

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