Sliver Anatomy

Posted in Arcana on December 12, 2006

By Wizards of the Coast

A sliver’s anatomy often reflects the adaptation that it transfers to the other members of its species.

Check out the brainy lobes on Telekinetic Sliver for example:

Telekinetic Sliver art by Randy Elliott

To reflect its added wiliness in battle, Watcher Sliver has evolved rows of eyes along its head, where most slivers have none:

Watcher Sliver art by Liz Danforth

It’s subtle, but Bonesplitter Sliver’s adaptation is shown right in the art. It doesn’t carry around Bonesplitters; it has a special adaptation to its blood. Its blood rages with bioluminescent blood. You can see it flowing through its veins right through the skin:

Bonesplitter Sliver art by Dany Orizio

Spinneret Sliver sports organs referred to in its name—organs that let it spin webs like a spider. Imagine the arachnid-like clicking sound this guy would make:

Spinneret Sliver art by Michael Sutfin

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