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Posted in Arcana on April 29, 2015

By Blake Rasmussen

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Slivers, the creatures who share their abilities with one another, first came about in the original Tempest and quickly stole the hearts (and muscles, and wings) of players everywhere. They've returned to the game multiple times since we first met them on the plane of Rath, but the originals still hold a lot of nostalgic appeal for longtime players.

And that's part of what makes Tempest Remastered so fun. So to celebrate a little bit of that nostalgic fun, we'll do that thing we do here in Arcana: a quiz!

As usual, for the purposes of this quiz, let's pretend changelings and Mistform Ultimus don't exist. They ruin everything and aren't much fun at parties anyway. See how well you can do with these seven questions (seven, for Sliver Queen's power and toughness, of course) and test your Sliver knowledge.

  1. Let's start simply. How many Slivers have been printed to date?
    A) 37 B) 62 C) 96 D) 153 E) Like, a billion

  2. When Slivers were brought back in Magic 2014, what was the key difference between how they functioned and how old-school Slivers functioned?

  3. If you have all of the Slivers from Tempest Remastered in play, what is the power and toughness of a Metallic Sliver?

  4. If you have every Sliver ever printed in play, how much damage can you attack for with a single Metallic Sliver?

  5. What is the nickname given to the Counter Sliver deck in Legacy?

  6. What was the creature that inspired the design of Slivers?

  7. There was a cycle of gold Slivers in Planar Chaos that were all made to be Sliver versions of previously made gold cards. Name the five cards that inspired those Slivers.


Sliver Queen | Art by Ron Spencer


  1. C) 96
  2. Newer Slivers only shared their abilities with other Slivers you controlled, rather than all Slivers on the board.
  3. 2/2. Only Muscle Sliver adds anything to power or toughness.
  4. Sorry, trick question, I hope you didn't do a bunch of math. The answer is that you can't attack for any damage. Dormant Sliver gives all of your Slivers defender. I can feel the hate of those who did the math seething through the screen…
  5. Meathooks, after what the arms of certain Slivers look like.
  6. Plague Rat. The original Slivers were envisioned as pieces of the same large creature that had all been broken apart, which is why they were named after body parts.
  7. They were, with the Sliver named first and the card that inspired them second:

Cautery Sliver: Goblin Legionnaire

Darkheart Sliver: Dark Heart of the Wood

Dormant Sliver: Jungle Barrier

Frenetic Sliver: Frenetic Efreet

Necrotic Sliver: Vindicate

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