Snow from an Iceberg

Posted in Arcana on July 12, 2006

By Wizards of the Coast

Rimefeather Owl
Rimefeather Owl, one of the giants of the Coldsnap prerelease weekend, has the ability to make permanents snow—that is, to give those permanents the supertype “snow,” with ice counters. The idea is to spread around more snow permanents to pump the Owl's power and toughness.

But, dear Johnnies, there are other uses.

Put an ice counter on a land you control. Since that land now has the supertype “snow,” it produces snow mana. Use your new snow land to pay for the cumulative upkeep of Cover of Winter, or to activate Heidar. Turn it into a frost elemental with Balduvian Frostwaker. Cast a very large Skred with it.

Zombie Musher
Put an ice counter on a land you don't control. Swing in with the snow-landwalking Zombie Musher.

Put an ice counter on another creature you control. Now that creature is a snow creature, which protects it from Goblin Furrier and Chill to the Bone, and allows it to block an attacker enchanted with Rime Transfusion. Your new snow creature is also now able to receive first strike from Ohran Yeti and pumpable with Diamond Faerie. Sacrifice your snow creature to Thermopod for one red mana—one red snow mana.

Put an ice counter on a creature you don't control. Put it on your opponent's Woolly Razorback—it makes that creature snow with the Owl in play, which doesn't matter much, but it does keep it from attacking no matter how many times it blocks. Put an ice counter on some other creature. In combination with Freyalise's Radiance or Rimescale Dragon (another giant of the Coldsnap prerelease), this will keep the creature tapped. The newly-iced creature is also unable to block any Ronom Hulks you have lying around.

Put an ice counter on Iceberg. The Ice Age enchantment Iceberg is starving for ice counters as well! It costs to add an ice counter to it for its own ability, but only with Rimefeather Owl. And the Owl's static ability makes Iceberg (as long as it has any ice counters left on it) a snow permanent, so the mana it provides you is snow mana!

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