Soul Nets

Posted in Arcana on May 13, 2010

By Monty Ashley

Once there was a card called "Soul Net." When creatures went to the graveyard, its controller gained 1 life.

Soul Net

Then there was a card called "Onulet." It gave its controller 2 life when it went to the graveyard. Originally it was going to be called "Onulets," which is an anagram for "Soul Net." But the art had only one creature in it, so it was just "Onulet."


Much later, there was a card called "Anodet Lurker," which gave its controller 3 life when it went to the graveyard. As we learned on June 9, 2004, it was an anagram for "Darker Onulet."

Anodet Lurker

So why bring this up now? Well, there's a card in Rise of the Eldrazi that gains its controller 4 life when it goes to the graveyard.

Enatu Golem

That's a lot of life. It's some kind of ... Mega Onulet!

Bonus Section

Doug Beyer provides this list of other anagrams the creative team considered for Enatu Golem:

Liggeon Brute (Bigger Onulet)
Theritiun Golem (Mightier Onulet)
Itihunter Golem (Mightier Onulet)
Outflattener (Fatter Onulet :D)

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